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Organise Your Office

Storage solutions are paramount when it comes to a business in order to be organised and have everything in its place. However, office space restrictions sometimes don’t allow for this choice so there needs to be another remedy.

Rental storage units, also known as self-storage units, are a massive business right now. Effective storage solutions in small offices is almost impossible therefore these new units have become the next new thing and so these facilities are popping up everywhere.

It seems we have started to collect more and more items but never throw any out. As a result, offices and houses just cannot hold anymore possessions pushing the rental of these storage solutions. These storage solutions de-clutter the area – office, house, attic etc. which make them very appealing and having the benefit of knowing your items are in a clean, well-lit, safe unit makes the choice even more valid. While moving items it allows for them to be sorted through and disposing of what isn’t needed anymore or what hasn’t been used in a long period of time. Using self-storage units opens up the vital space that had been taken up.

The structures are usually made of metal and concrete with roll-up garage-type doors but can have just metal, walk-in doors. They are found in all areas, from rural to suburban to urban.
The increase in relocation as a result of leases ending or selling of spaces as a result of the specific economy in the area has contributed to the wider use of the self-storage solutions.

A company is no different to a domestic house with their need for storage solutions. Leases end for companies too meaning they may have to relocate to a small space.
Some people choose to store for a few months, while others maintain storage units for years. The cost of renting a storage unit is less than the cost of some long-term leases.

Of course, businesses need extra storage. Many business offices rent the extra space storage to keep track of old invoices, receipts, and statements. Up until recently businesses were using much more paper and less computer files but that has since changed. For an established business, all that paper has to be kept somewhere, at least for the legally recommended seven years. Some businesses also rent storage units to store supplies and equipment, such as those used for a painting and construction company.

If the leasing of a self-storage space is personal or business-related, below are some tips for maximizing the use of the small space storage solutions:

- Keep the most recent and used items to the front for easy access in case they are needed.

- Pack boxes so that they are easy to move and handle (not too heavy that they may break – paper weighs more than you think).

- Organise the contents of the boxes and write the details on the top and sides in order to find it easier and quicker.

- When stacking boxes, logically put heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on the top to avoid crushing the lighter boxes.

- Maximize the space of the unit by stacking items strategically.

Other Storage Solutions

Storage space is vital if you want to keep your work surfaces neat and clean. From a file drawer in your desk to file cabinets, shelving units, bookcases, and storage cabinets and lockers, the available configurations mean there’s something that will work for you. And it’s so much easier to think when you don’t have to take boxes off your computer desk before sitting down to work. These storage solutions are a great small business idea with extremely limited space.

A quality bookcase is another practical and flexible storage solution for a business and has a good functional design. The important element to organise an office is to have the right storage solutions.

Bookcases along with filing cabinets etc. are the most accessible and commonly built projects.

Many bookcases come with doors so they can hold confidential items similar to that of the original lock filing cabinets. Adjustable shelves make it even easier to organise the office – a perfect storage solution.

Business Office Tips

Another great tool to organise your things is a label maker. As a result of their popularity they are available at almost any office or business supply store. In the long run they’re inexpensive and allow you to label everything from plastic bins and canisters to boxes and binders. Perfect when storing office items that may need to be to hand at all times.

Research studies show people are more likely to put away items if they can be easily found again. They say “clutter breeds more clutter” therefore organized spaces tend to stay organized. It’s important, when organizing, to have a place for everything. Labeling storage boxes will make life easier for anyone looking to find past tax forms to employee CVs.

-The secret is to find what works for you and your office.

-Keep within your budget and you’ll be in and even better situation.

-Think of what you need before you buy.

With all the above tips your business will be organised in no time!

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