Promotional Products Can increase Your Company’s Success

Promotional products and corporate gifts – promotional pens, pencils, t-shirts etc., items that usually have a company’s logo on them, can play an important role in their success by increasing brand recognition and making customers feel appreciated.

The most obvious advantage of a promotional product is when consumers use the product they will become more familiar with the brand. Resulting in the company becoming more recognizable and memorable to customers.

Popular promotional items, i.e. a t-shirt with the company name on it, may become a man’s casual t-shirt. If might be the one he wears to play sport with his friends, they will see the logo regularly and recognize it later when they are looking to fulfill a need in that business. The friend may not be able to remember where he saw the logo, but its familiarity will give that company an edge. Similarly every time a consumer pulls a promotional pen from their bag to take a note, it imprints the brand name further in their mind without realising it.

Your current customers are a critical part of the promotional product process and should be close to the top priority at all times in order to retain their custom. When the competition heats up, your customers are more likely to stick with their loyalty towards you because you have treated them so well. This could lead to referrals and therefore new customers which you can give the promotional products to.

Also, remember that if you have a special group of customers that gives you far more business than your average customer, you should consider giving them a better product than the other customers, especially if those customers are aware they are especially generous customers.

As you may be spending a significant amount of money you are better selecting frequently used products, not those that are left in the back of the press and never used or worse, thrown out. The larger chance the product will be used often, the more opportunities to increase the brand recognition.

Though there are some obvious products, like pens, t-shirts and even mugs, be wary and carefully consider your clients and the nature of your business when making a selection. Google chose to give their web customers a corporate gift -a wireless computer mouse. This is highly useful and highly likely to be reused frequently by a web client but may not be by other professions – just think logically. Similarly, a gym might giveaway a t-shirt or a tanning salon might hand out sunglasses. Let your creativity be your guide.

Also, make sure you choose a great quality product you want your customers to be able to say to their friends, “Look at this the company that does ________ gave it to me.”

Make your decisions wisely, and it will boost your company’s image with existing and potential customers.


How To Use Promotional Products To Market Your Business To Your Customers

Low cost advertising for your company can be done with promotional products. These delightful items include mugs, key rings, pens, t-shirts, and more – all with the company logo printed on them.

People love them, especially if they’re free. Often your established customers will buy them if they really like their quality i.e. pens, sometimes creating a profit for you. They can be given as executive gifts, employee gifts especially any personalized corporate gifts.
The benefit of promotional products is that although they can be expensive they are a super low-cost billboard that stays with your prospect or customer for a longer time frame making a longer lasting impression.
Usually this type of advertising are used as  small business promotional items however in recent years, big company names and corporations who could easily afford all the newspaper and TV advertising they wanted, have changed their approach and instead invested millions in promotional products which in turn are publicity items.

Promotional products work especially well to market to those very powerful, but hard to reach individuals like corporate bosses or teenagers. A teenager might turn their nose up at your ad and but if a friend wears or uses your promotional product, you’re immediately cool.

The same principle applies to corporate heads who are impossible to reach on the phone and never answer their email. Send them a luxury item for their home or office, and you will get their attention.

Promotional items are also excellent for reinforcing your media or online advertising. How do you get a prospect to remember your ad for weeks, months, or even years? Give them a promotional product that makes them think of you and your ad.

Keep in mind that promotional products aren’t just for marketing business names. They work equally well when they focus on a specific product, product line, service, etc. Some of the most successful promotional products have worked to promote political, health and community causes.

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